Roosevelt Lake   provides recreational day use, weekend, and extended 14 day camping.  Here you will find opportunities for boating and fishing and facilities to reserve for large groups and equestrians.

Drive to   Inspiration Point   to view this bridge, considered one of the 12 top bridges along with the Golden Gate .  The bridge is 1080 ft. long and 300 ft above the lake where it arches.  Take Hwy 88, then exit to Apache Junction on Apache Trail.  It is less than 9 miles to Inspriation Point.

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Explore nearby Tonto National Monument.  Established in 1907, it preserves prehistoric cliff dwellings, occupied between 1150 and 1450 AD, and the Salado culture.  Trails lead to the Lower and Upper Cliff Dwellings.  The lower trail is open daily from 8 to 4.  It is a paved one mile round trip trail.  The upper trail, a three mile round trip hike, is open from November to April to guided tours.

There is a visitor's Center with a museum which provides information on the Tonto Basin and the Salado culture.  The Salado built villages throughout the Tonto basin, harvested from the desert, and practiced irrigation farming on the valley floor.  They traded with neighboring cultures.  The villages were abandoned about 500 years ago.