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The Mora Valley Area

It is believed that the first Europeans crossing the plains from the east followed this valley into the mountains on their way to Santa Fe.

Spanish explorers passed through here as well as Mexican soldiers and later Chinese and Irish immigrants, French Canadian trappers, and gamblers on their way to Las Vegas or Loma Parda.

Some traders trying to avoid the tax at the Port of Entry further south, would cut across this valley.

Mora had grown up as an hispanic town supported by agriculture and sheep herds. A beautiful valley surrounded by mountains, this area is home now to one of the largest herds of Alpaca which you can visit , a long tradition of weaving, local artisans, and many outdoor activities.

Be sure to visit the La Cueva Historic District and the Salmon Ranch where you can pick rasberries in season.

Santa Fe Trail

...Along this Segment

  • Raton- the Old Santa Fe Trail evolved into 2nd street.   See Haven Hotel, Plaza Hotel, Shuler Theater-WPA Murals, the Raton Museum in the Coors Building, and the Boy Scout Museum.

  • Along Hwy 64, the ghost towns of Dawson, Colfax, and Koehler

  • Cimarron

  • The Philmont Scout Ranch (museums and the old settlment of Rayado)

    The Boy Scouts of America operate three museums in the Philmont Scout Ranch on the way to the old settlement of Rayado.
    They include the Villa Philmonte, the Seton Memorial Library/Philmont Museum, and the living museum in Rayado where you will find the home of Kit Carson and the Lucien Maxwell house.

  • Springer - visit The Santa Fe Trail Museum.

  • Join the Cimarron Cutoff Scenic Byway - old Hwy 85. From Springer, travel south to Fort Union on US Hwy 85, the frontage road for Interstate 25.  Along the way there is the ghost town of Colmor.

  • Wagon Mound - here the Scenic Byway becomes NM Hwy 120 from Wagon Mound to Watrous. Some of the best preserved wagon ruts can be seen along this highway.

  • Fort Union

  • Historic Las Vegas